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Unique Technology


FXCubic provides innovative liquidity technologies while always keeping reliability in mind. Currently integrated with most commonly used industry leading liquidity providers, our clients are able to connect to multiple providers in parallel to aggregate or backup liquidity. Our technologies will enable your brokerage to offer unique trading opportunities, as well as increasing your profits and the overall trading experience for your clients.


Liquidity aggregation is done the right way by uniting the market depth available from all providers into one depth table, and targeting the best available quantity from individual providers. Order executions are split between the liquidity providers in parallel in order to not miss the current market opportunities. Customised volume-based data feeds can be formed by VWAP algorithms, creating no-slippage trading environments for large quantity traders.


FXCubic unites multiple price feeds to offer failsafe and continuous pricing at all times. Complex algorithms will sense frozen or delayed data feeds and automatically remove them from the pricing engine, protecting you from LP pricing faults or network problems. Smart order routing capabilities allow the broker to deal with LP order rejects in real-time and execute the order at other available routes before confirming the original trader.


Very detailed and extensive order execution customisation, allowing our clients to truly create their own liquidity. Our micro detail visual rule engine will let our clients create unique trading rules down to the level of accounts and even more specific order properties. Order properties are mapped to custom actions easily on the visual rule engine, and prioritized by the client. Some of the available properties are: Ticket No, Accounts, Groups, Symbols, Order Side, Order Type, Account NOP, Order Size, Order size over a period of time, Network Address, Scalper Status, Custom variables (controlled by API) and others. Available actions: Execution Mode, Processing Time, Extensive order routing options, Slippage options, Commission options, Copy Trade options.


FXCubic configuration can be saved into profiles, and changing between profiles is the easiest way to change trading configurations as quickly as possible with a single click. Our clients are able to make as many profiles as they need, for example for normal and volatile market conditions, and then change the whole configuration when they need to rapidly. Profiles can also be scheduled to change automatically, meaning that all configuration on FXCubic can be set to automatically change according to the time and day. These configurations include markups, maximum spreads, slippage rules, toxic trading algorithms, B-Book protection algorithms, symbol inactivity thresholds and so on. Simplifying or automating configuration changes lowers the chance of human errors tremendously.


Synthetic instruments can be created on the FXCubic GUI by using instruments already defined on the system. Creating new tradeable instruments allows our clients to offer unique trading opportunities for traders. Synthetic instruments can be A or B booked, and A-booked synthetic orders will first receive confirmation for the order legs before the main trade is confirmed for the trader. Residual positions are collected and accumulated position can be automatically hedged when they reach a tradeable quantity.


FXCubic offers unique profit increasing functionality and algorithms for clients. These functionalities include flexible slippage control, variable fixed spread settings, VWAP aggregation, profit and loss variables for specific trades and other algorithms. FXCubic also offers advanced functionality to protect its clients from making losses on B-Booked orders, and therefore also increasing overall profits. Toxic trader detection systems and automated defense mechanisms offer our clients a peace of mind.


Copy trading tools are available on FXCubic to copy trades between end traders, or for the broker itself. Forward or reverse copying is available with a volume multiplier, matching the exact need of our clients. A single order can be copied into multiple accounts with different settings. Copy trading tools also creates the opportunity of creating basket orders and triggering multiple orders together to be sent to liquidity providers if required by our clients.


Our clients are able to monitor A and B Book orders together on one interface, and manually trade from this interface if required on the platform. Trading on this interface allows to hedge positions, move positions between LP’s and monitor open trades or profits from the platform interface. Offering risk management services on the platform itself creates the opportunity to easily offer risk management interfaces to whitelabels.


The reporting interface built-in the FXCubic GUI gives access to quick analysis of individual trades and prices, and also downloadable accumulated reports over a period of time. Every detail of a single order can be analysed, including slippage, execution time, LP quote snapshots, profit, trader specific details, trader POV prices and many others. LP tick prices are also stored and all individual LP tick prices can be downloaded historically.


FXCubic’s monitoring features enables brokers to track all activity on the GUI or via e-mail notifications in real time. These include warnings and notifications on LP connections, LP latency, symbol idle times, system hardware, hard disk capacity and many others. Realtime price and depth updates from individual providers are also shown on the price and depth monitor in real-time, and also they are saved historically so that our clients can analyse and compare LP prices and spreads visually on a graph.

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To speak to the FXCubic team please call us on
+44 203 727 2580
Alternatively email the FXCubic team on
1st Floor, 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RE
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