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System Architecture

Freely Hosted

FXCubic’s lightweight architecture doesn’t require high system specifications, which offers clients the freedom to use average servers to host the complete FXCubic solution.
Aggregation and all other complex functions are carried out efficiently on this single setup, giving independency to our clients. Our clients can host FXCubic themselves to fully eliminate the risks of a shared cloud setup, which is a usual practice in our industry. However, if you are looking for hosting solutions, we can point you in the right direction.
Mobility of the full system allows clients to cross-connect to any liquidity provider of their choice. Liquidity provider connections are made directly with the provider's server from FXCubic software, creating the most optimal environment for the lowest latency.


Private System

Privacy is one of the core values of FXCubic. We kept it top of mind while designing the basics of FXCubic. We do not have any access to our client’s system or data unless access is granted to us by clients. Trader details, trading characteristics, open positions, and order types are kept on the local system only which sits with the client.
This architecture enables FXCubic to offer the highest-grade functionality required by our clients, and at the same time, full privacy guarantees.

Dedicated Software

Every FXCubic client receives a dedicated instance of the full system for themselves. There is not a single shared component between clients.
This means our clients cannot be affected from the actions of other users or malfunctions from a centralized cloud infrastructure.
Our powerful software is a single application that encapsulates all modules described, which makes it very easy to operate for our clients.
All configuration made on the GUI does not require any restarts on the software, which means every single configuration available on FXCubic can be made on-the-fly and take effect immediately.


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To speak to the FXCubic team please call us on
+44 203 727 2580
Alternatively email the FXCubic team on
1st Floor, 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RE
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