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London, SE1 2RE

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FXCubic team on

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+44 203 727 2580

Why Us

Innovative and reliable liquidity technology.

Why FXCubic?

FXCubic solutions are great for brokers that are just starting up their businesses or brokers who are already in operation and want to benefit from the unique abilities of the FXCubic Liquidity Engine. Our experienced team will be able to provide guidance if you are starting from scratch, or execute a smooth transition from other solutions thanks to their extensive knowledge in this field.

Some Benefits of FXCubic Solutions

  • Profit increasing functionality
  • Completely private and independent software instance
  • No risks of cloud type central hosting malfunctions
  • Offer unique trading opportunities for traders
  • Protection against toxic trades
  • Prevention of loss-making B-Book trades
  • Diminish LP pricing faults
  • Backup and automatically switch price streams
  • Lower human errors by automating tasks and configuration changes
  • Visually analyze and compare LP pricing historically

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