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Most advanced liquidity and order processing solution for MetaTrader platforms.

FXCubic plug-in and gateway for the Metatrader platform seamlessly installs to your server and can be configured to only process orders by accounts, groups or symbols on your platform. FXCubic developed Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 server plugins and gateways are extremely lightweight and are capable of parallel processing thousands or trades per second. Using these plugins and gateways, MT4 and MT5 systems can be connected to the FXCubic Liquidity Engine effortlessly to take full advantage of our offerings.

FXCubic FIX API can be used for integration with other trading platforms, and also to distribute liquidity to other brokers over FIX API.

Platform Integrations


• Any trading system can be integrated to FXCubic using our proprietary FIX API.


• Our clients can distribute their liquidity to other entities over FIX.

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