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London, SE1 2RE, United Kingdom

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About Us

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions for our clients.

FXCubic is a low latency and high-performance trading technology provider for institutional and retail brokers.

Over 20 years of core development team experience in the FinTech industry has given FXCubic the expertise in creating innovative technology and providing excellent support. FXCubic solutions have been developed by paying close attention to the feedback received from our clients over the years. We are fully focused on the technology we provide. Our products are designed to minimize the manual work carried out by employees, create unique trading environments for traders, protect brokers from toxic traders, and take full advantage of the liquidity providers connected to our technology.

Why FxCubic?

FXCubic solutions are designed for new brokers just starting their businesses and experienced brokers who understand the benefits and unique abilities of the FXCubic Liquidity Engine.
Our experienced team can assist you if you are starting from scratch or guide you through a smooth transition from another solution, thanks to our extensive knowledge in this field.


Benefits of FXCubic Solutions

- Maximises your profits
- Fully private and independent software instance
- No risks of centralised cloud malfunctions
- Offers unique trading opportunities for traders
- Protects against toxic trades
- Prevents loss-making B-Book trades
- Minimises LP pricing faults
- Automatically switches price streams
- Lowers human errors by automating tasks
- Visually analyses and compares historical LP prices

Find out how FXCubic can boost your business

To speak to the FXCubic team please call us on
+44 203 727 2580
Alternatively email the FXCubic team on
1st Floor, 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RE
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